Audiobook Narrator

Will M. Watt is a you British voiceover artist based New York. Will has worked extensively in the field of audiobooks, providing a consistent, fresh tone, and an intelligent, self-aware read. Will is often remarked upon for his believable accents and strong character work.

Recent Work

The Indebted Series - Pepper Winters, 2016/17 (ongoing)


Challenge - Amy Daws, 2017

DOTWAV - Mike A. Lancaster, 2016

Gnomon - Luchia Dertien, 2016

That One Moment - Amy Daws, 2016

Happily Ever Ninja - Penny Reid, 2016

City of Ghosts - Shawn Kobb, 2015

The Regent's Gamble - A. Payne & N.D. Taylor, 2015

No Ordinary Guy - Mary Whitney, 2015

The Diary of a ... Father (series) - Pete Sortwell, 2015 (ongoing)

The Space Between the Olives - Lily Guzman, 2015

A World Within - James Somers, 2014


What can I say about Will M. Watt? He was absolutely, positively phenomenal. I mean to tell you he had a different voice for everyone. Addison had a Welsh accent and Noah spoke was a fantastic southern accent. There men that were young and old and every one of them sounded wonderful. He laughed and whispered and yelled, and talked with food in his mouth, which I thought was incredible. I believe his was the best narration I’ve heard in the 360+ audible books I’ve listened to. Keep up the great work Will.
— Review, The Regent's Gamble
Will M. Watt is brilliant!!! He has fast become one of my favorite male narrators. Watt seamlessly moves between many different accents as well as characters. He is a perfect storyteller – I did not hear narration, I was listening to hear what happened next. That is is the mark of an excellent performer. I’ve listened to 3 or 4 books narrated by Watt and they were all spot on!
— Review, No Ordinary Guy
Mr. Watt hits it out of the ball park with this performance. The way he seamlessly goes between English, American and Scottish accents is flawless.
— Review, No Ordinary Guy
Mr. Watt has a humor about his voice that makes this a very easy listen. He brings you right into the story.
— Review, The Diary of an Expectant Father
Will M. Watt did a great job narrating. His pace and comedic timing was perfect.
— Review, The Diary of a Hapless Father
Brilliantly performed by Will M Watt, with voices for all of the characters and a flawless sense of timing.
— Review, A World Within