I work full-time from my own broadcast-quality studio. As well as narrating, I also produce and edit all of my own work. At any point, I am actively working on two audiobooks, and aim to produce an hour of finished content per client, per day.

A seasoned audiobook narrator and producer, I have carved out a strong niche in both the Young-Adult, Romance, and Classic Literature genres.

I’m also well known for producing duet-narrated books in-house, which means I can offer reasonable prices for duet audiobooks with a fast turnaround.

What is Duet Narration?

Duet narration is a method of audiobook creation that is particularly popular in the indie-romance scene. Duet narration is most often used in books that are written from alternating points of view of the male and female protagonists. In the male POV chapters, the male narrator reads the prose and all the male dialogue. All female dialogue is read by the female narrator, and vice-versa. Fans of duet narration like how it brings the story to life, and adds a sense of realism.


Once you’ve decided to hire me for your book, the first step is to have a short phone/Skype call to get an overview of how you want your project to sound, and to talk about any particularly important elements that might not be immediately obvious from reading the manuscript. For instance, you may have a specific accent or characteristic in mind that is not specifically stated, or you may have a stylistic choice in mind that you feel is important. I want to create a finished product that we can both be proud of, so please don’t be afraid to be as specific as you’d like with your direction.

I’ll then ask for you to send me the finished manuscript, as well as a short character sheet (a single page with a brief bio for each of the book’s main characters), and a short plot overview. This is particularly important for books that are part of a wider series where important information and exposition is not immediately or obviously available in the book being recorded.

Next, I’ll ask you to choose a short section from which I’ll produce a 15-minute sample of the book to give you a feel of what the finished product will sound like. At this point, we’ll speak again to fine-tune the performance. If necessary, I’ll re-record the section until you’re happy with it.

Once I have your approval, I’ll move into production, and take full creative control over the book. I’ll send you a production schedule, as well as a link to a folder where I’ll upload each chapter or section as it is produced. It’s important to note that, whilst I’m open to any changes that you may wish to make within reason, I reserve the right to any final decision regarding stylistic changes past this point.

Once the book is complete, I’ll have a small team of beta listeners go through each chapter to ensure that there are no small errors, repeated lines, or extraneous noises. I’d encourage you to listen through the book, too. Once any final kinks have been ironed out, it’s time to head to retail! I’ll submit the book for final approval, and send you your invoice.



Marketing is a hugely important step, particularly for indie authors. I’m happy to speak with you about your marketing strategy, and to be an active presence in how you market this book. As well as a monthly email newsletter with a growing audience which I use to advertise all of my books, I have also hosted live-readings, and created YouTube trailers which have proven to be a great way of reaching out to fans.

Live Broadcast

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